First Flush Darjeeling - Balasun 2022

May 09, 2022

by Cynthia Fazekas

Darjeeling First Flush teas have long been known as the “Champagne of Tea” for their delicate nature, complex character, and for the excitement their harvest season generates. In the cup however, this taster thinks of them as more of a floral Sauvignon Blanc with their crisp finish, hints of minerality from those Himalayan slopes, and exquisite layered nuance on the palate. The nuttier and fruitier later harvests remind one more of soft, not-too-oaky chardonnays. That said, they are as thrilling as a popping open a bottle of bubbles when the first chest arrives and we excitedly inhale the floral aroma of super fresh leaves, only weeks out of the tea garden.
tea photo

The freshest teas of the very first harvests are a delight for the palate, mind, and spirit! The great wait for life to return in the spring is over and our sense are ready. The tea bushes share their tender new growth, and our faith is rewarded. The 2022 Balasun First Flush Darjeeling provides classic floral notes, beguiling aroma, and the crisp finish that early harvest Darjeeling lovers embrace. It’s a floral meadow in a cup, a taste of spring to awaken the heart.