2020 crop sampler

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30 sample pouches
Immerse yourself in the fresh aroma and beguiling taste of our masterly-crafted 2020 teas. This set combines samples of the finest thirty teas we offer:

ali shan special - silky cup that tells of its high altitude origin and beautiful tender leave.
ancient tree green puerh - The dry leaf aroma is of fruit and earth, while the infusion is medium-light amber.
anxi wulong low fire - This is a greener, very tightly rolled style Anxi grown wulong with minimal roasting.
rohini first flush - an early spring harvest black tea from Darjeeling, India.
da fo long jing - Young spring leaves, and is light bodied with soft chestnut and a lovely floral undertone. Quite complex.
formosa ruby 18 black - notes of spice, hint of caramel, and a whisper of roasted vanilla bean.
huang shan mao feng - Pale cup color of a light yellow-green that offers a buttery texture.
jin guan yin - Layered with the floral notes of wild orchid, osmanthus blossoms, and a hint of mineral with a buttery yellow liquor.
jin kong que - remarkable black tea hand-made in Yunnan, China.
jun shan yin zhen - Dry aroma is melon and maybe a little muscatel. Very complex and layered.
lu an gua pian - The twisted leaf style yields a pale yellow, complex and layered cup.
ma liu mi - Very light cup that is gorgeously intricate in profile with lingering, pronounced floral notes.
meng ding huang ya - Its dry aroma is fruity, while the liquor is light yellow, with toasty, nutty, warming notes.
meng ding mao feng - Its dry aroma is that of hops and white grape, while the liquor is sweet, pear-like, crisp and lingering.
gong ting puerh - shou pu erh of the highest quality with pungent aroma of fennel and anise-like sweetness
qimen caixia - Cup is medium light bodied, delicate but layered with notes of orchid, honey, and toast.
shi feng long jing - one of the most famous green teas from Zhejiang, China.
shincha genmaicha - toast, candied nuts, and light vegetal spring greens.
shincha gyokuro - deeply sweet aroma of freshly buttered greens and seaweed.
shincha sencha - crisp and clean cup with notes of freshly steamed edamame.
tai lake pi luo chun - The liquor is a pale yellow with light and crisp floral notes, and hints of sweet pea flowers.
tai ping hou kui - Long, elegant hand pressed leaf with the aroma of unroasted chestnut and a light fruitiness.
tie kuan yin black - Offers an intriguing Keemun quality but with an intensely floral-fruity sweetness.
tongmu jin jun mei - Luscious velvety mouthfeel and offers and layered blend of sweetness, spice, and cocoa.
traditional ti kuan yin - Soft with sweet honey-floral notes and a delicate flinty minerality.
wen shan pouchong - A lightly oxidized oolong renowned for its heavenly floral aroma and taste.
yin hao long zhu - Cup is light bodied, with gentle jasmine essence and a soft sweetness.
yu qian anji bai cha - beautiful green tea with spear-like leaves from Zhejiang, China.
yun wu - Unique growing conditions yields a layered cup with fruity notes and a very light smokiness.
zhang ping shui xian - The large green leaves produce a flavorful cup of light honey notes, that is floral, layered, & lingering.

These teas retail for $208. Adagio Teas customers are invited to try all thirty for only $99, 52% off regular price. Valid until September 15, 2020.

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