Taiwan Masters Cup
Follow our tea guru Cynthia through her adventure in Vietnam's Tea Masters Cup.
In a few days we will be visiting the tea growing region in Ha Giang, Vietnam to learn about local tea styles, terroir, and customs. We were also honored to receive an invitation to the Tea Masters Cup where we will observe tea preparation, mixing, and tasting competitions. I'm also looking forward to touring an Ancient Tea Forest and hopefully, finding some suitable teas for our Masters Teas collection. We hope you will follow along on this tea adventure.
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sep 2019
Day 3: Tea Research Institute
by Cynthia Fazekas
Monday morning we load up humans and luggage into two vans and start our trek to the Northern Mountainous Region.
sep 2019
Day 2: Opening Ceremonies
by Cynthia Fazekas
Day two begins with opening ceremonies for the Tea Masters Cup at the Hanoi Cultural Exchange Center.
sep 2019
Day 1: Arrival in Hanoi
by Cynthia Fazekas
We arrived in Hanoi at around noon on Saturday 9/14 after meeting up at the Taipei airport. Once through immigration and baggage claim, we found our driver for the short trip to our hotel.
sep 2019
Tea Masters Cup
by Cynthia Fazekas
Sometimes in the tea world, exciting opportunities come our way! We received an invitation in August to attend the Tea Masters Cup in Vietnam and tour some of the tea growing regions this September 14-21.