yellow teas

Yellow tea, or huangcha in Chinese, while sometimes considered a subset of green teas, is truly in a class of its own. Unlike green tea, yellow tea is lightly oxidized and a bit more complicated to produce as its aim is to remove the characteristic grassy quality of green tea. Its slow production process requires great skill and time. Although it is an ancient style of tea, it has unfortunately has been lost in many regions, making it increasingly rare. Luckily, many yellow teas are still produced in small batches and we offer the best of those to you.

2 Teas

photo of meng ding huang ya
Gu Zhi Xin's
meng ding huang ya
Dry fruity aroma with a light yellow liquor and toasty, nutty, warming notes.
photo of jun shan yin zhen
Li Ai Hua's
jun shan yin zhen
Creamy light cup with hints of toast and a soft muscat grape fruitiness.