scented teas

Dating back to around the 7th century, scented teas are made from traditional Camellia sinensis leaves that have slowly absorbed the aroma and flavor of added fresh flowers. The painstaking process by which tea leaves are infused can take up to three weeks. Over this time the flowers are laid over the tea and allowed to sit together overnight and repeated again the next day until the desired results are achieved by the tea master.

The highest quality scented teas are made from blending green tea with fresh flowers. However, it should be noted that to speed up the process, some producers have resorted to using oils or added flavors to mimic the infusions. The difference in quality can be tested by steeping multiple cups from the same leaves. Should the scent or flavor nearly disappear after the first infusion, it can be assumed that the oils or added flavor were washed away. Higher quality scented teas can hold their flavors for up to four or five infusions.

3 Teas

photo of yin hao long zhu
Wang Ling Hui's
yin hao long zhu
Gentle jasmine essence and intricate layers of soft sweetness.
photo of bi tan piao xue  strong
Zhang Zi Hua's
bi tan piao xue strong
Alluring aroma with large plump blossoms.
photo of bi tan piao xue  delicate
Wang Chun's
bi tan piao xue delicate
Very fragrant cup with a rosy hue and quite complex finish.