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scented 2020 sampler

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3 sample pouches
masters sampler
Sample the nuanced aromas of our delicate scented teas. Choose from our three jasmine infused green teas to evoke a heavenly floral experience.

This sampler set combines the following three teas:

bi tan piao xue delicate - gorgeous, eyebrow style leaf, with many leaf buds and jasmine blossoms.
bi tan piao xue strong - aromatic and beautiful both visually and in the cup.
yin hao long zhu - a gentle jasmine essence and intricate layers of soft sweetness.

Customer Reviews (2)

Fresh From Origin

After the jasmine plant was introduced into Fuzhou, Chinese people began to plant the flower extensively. During 1368-1644, the Northern Song Dynasty, Fuzhou gained the nickname of "The City of Jasmine in China". Fuzhou is regarded as the origin of the jasmine tea production process, and so far it is the only city to contain the complete production process.

The jasmine tea making process started during the Tang Dynasty and had a great change in the Ming Dynasty. Due to war, the output dropped quickly and it wasn't until the 1950s-1990s that the industry was revived and reached 60% of the total national production.
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