pu-erh teas

Pu erh Tea is an art form all on its own and is a type of fermented tea. It first undergoes a process similar to green tea, but before the leaf is dried, it's aged either as loose-leaf tea or pressed into dense cakes. Depending on the type of pu erh being made (either shou or sheng), the aging process lasts anywhere from a few months to several decades. Very old, well-stored pu erhs are considered "living teas", just like wine. They are prized for their earthy, woodsy or musty aroma and rich, smooth taste.

2 Teas

photo of gong ting puerh
Yang Qing's
gong ting puerh
Silky, smooth, mellow, sweet, hints of anise, mineral, and plum.
photo of ancient tree green puerh
Xia Jun's
ancient tree green puerh
Very smooth with hints of honey, apricot, a soft sweet smoke.