Xia Jun

tea farmer

How long have you been growing tea and what got your started?
I started to work with tea when I was 20 years old. My hometown is a tea area and everyone in our village works with tea. So, naturally, I am working with tea as well.

Can you describe a typical day out in the field?
My main job is plucking tea leaves. I will work from 7 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon. I then deliver my tea leaves to the primary factory in the afternoon after picking.

What is your favorite part of growing tea?
I love the beautiful mountains in my hometown. In the morning when I walk in the mountain road I can hear birds singing. I love nature like this. I am proud that our hometown can make wonderful teas in the world.

Conversely, what is the hardest part of your job?
My hometown is very beautiful, but it is very hot when you climb the mountains and trees to work hard outside. This is why I have to stop at 1pm. Because in the afternoon it is too hot.

Are there any tips you can give on how to best brew your tea?
You can use glass teapot to brew our teas. A high grade green pu erh can make 7-8 delicious cups. By the way, you can buy some fresh green pu erh and store it at home. The tea can be oxidized and purer as time goes by. The longer, the better.

photo of ancient tree green puerh
Xia Jun's
ancient tree green puerh
Very smooth with hints of honey, apricot, a soft sweet smoke.