Zhejiang, China

Zhejiang, an eastern province of China, is bordered by Jiangsu, Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangxi and Fujian to the south. Zhejiang consists of a mountainous topography, with altitudes reaching up to 1,900 meters and a humid subtropical climate.

Zhejiang has four principal tea districts and leads the provinces of China in tea production, both in quality and quantity. The Pingshui district, south and east of Shaoxing, has the largest tea acreage and the highest production of processed tea. The Hangzhou district produces the famous Longjing (Dragon Well) green tea. Many other important styles of green tea hail from this region as well, including Gunpowder and Anji Bai Cha.

From 1937-45 war ravaged the area and resulted in the severe debilitation of the tea industry as many of the plantations were seriously damaged. During the 1950's, however, there was a systematic rehabilitation effort, which brought life back to the area. With new methods of tea cultivations and processing, the region has once again resumed its ranking as China's leading tea producer.
regional photo
photo of da fo long jing
Liu Yi Qian's
da fo long jing
Light bodied with soft chestnut and a lovely floral undertone.
photo of shi feng long jing
Guo Ya Ling's
shi feng long jing
Crisp, delicately nutty body, with a hint of sweet grass and apricot blossoms.
photo of yu qian anji bai cha
Yu Feng's
yu qian anji bai cha
Silky texture, with notes of delicate almond, macadamia and fresh young pea pod.
photo of yun wu
Zhao Bi Yun's
yun wu
A layered cup with fruity notes and a very light smokiness.