shi feng long jing

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Zhejiang, China
Guo Ya Ling
Apr 2019
shi feng long jing
Our 2019 Shi Feng Long Jing, which translates to Lion's Peak Dragonwell, is one of the most famous green teas in China. It hails from the equally famous and historic West Lake area in Hangshou, Zhejiang province. This Shi Feng Long Jing is a pre-Qing Ming Festival, and so its early spring harvest results in a tender, young plucking. The liquor is a pale yellow, with a soft, sweet chestnut aroma. The crisp body is delicately nutty, quite complex, with a flickering hint of sweet grass and apricot blossoms.

About the leaves:

This Shi Feng Lung Jing is grown at an elevation of 500 meters above sea level in Zhejiang, China. This hand-plucked variety has a standard of one bud and one or two, three cm long leaves. which were harvested in early April 2019. The firing time and temperature is determined by the tea master and depends solely on the tenderness of the leaves at that time and is repeated one additional time. Compared with other Lung Jings, this one has a flatter, lighter appearance.

This tea contains a moderate level of caffeine | Steep at 170° for 2-3 minutes.

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The cultivations of tea in the West Lake area dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907). It was during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) when Long Jing was honored as one of the top Chinese teas. It reached the top of that list during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) when it was officially recognized by Emperor Qianlong.

Due to the area’s early prosperity, Qianlong visited the area multiple times during his reign of over six decades. It is said that he oversaw the tea making process on at least four visits. He was so infatuated with the plant that he wrote poems about tea making and tea drinking, and planted 18 tea shrubs in front of Hugong Temple for “imperial tea”.

With fertile lands surrounded by mountains, the region is protected from cold winds from the north while retaining warm air currents from the south. It is this unique geography, along with exceptional local water quality, that yields this legendary tea.

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Guo Ya Ling

tea farmer

How long have you been growing tea and what got your started?
I started to work with tea when I was 20. I love tea and drink tea every day. When I finished middle school, I decided to work at the lung jing farm. During the spring season, I will go out to pick up tea leaves. I also help to work in the factory with the primary processing.

Can you describe a typical day out in the field?
I only pick up the tea leaves in Spring. I will get up at 7am and go out to pick up the tea leaves. I need to be careful because the bud and leaves are very tender. I will stop picking at noon. Then I will send the tea leaves to the factory. During the busy season, I also will help to work in the factory to do some primary production.

What is your favorite part of growing tea?
I like to help with the primary working, such as fixation, which is to remove the water of the tea leaves, because I can smell the lovely tea while working.

Conversely, what is the hardest part of your job?
If the weather is raining, I can not make good tea.

Are there any tips you can give on how to best brew your tea?
Keep the lung jing in the place of low temperature. The best way is to store in the refrigerator.
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