yixing teapots

Discover our array of authentic yixing teapots. Each is handcrafted and designed for gong fu brewing.

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photo of caodi teapot
caodi teapot
Pear-shaped body etched with a serene landscape motif.
photo of gu teapot
gu teapot
Stout body and wide mouth with an unadorned handle and spout.
photo of hua teapot
hua teapot
Oblong design with a short spout etched with a lotus flower motif.
photo of ke teapot
ke teapot
Smooth, simplistic round belly with bamboo handle and spout.
photo of shufa teapot
shufa teapot
Classic design etched with a bold calligraphy motif.
photo of shuye teapot
shuye teapot
Pan Hu shape made from authentic zisha clay.
photo of zhao teapot
zhao teapot
Jing Lan Hu style and made from Zhusha (red clay).
photo of zhenzhu teapot
zhenzhu teapot
Known as a "well fenced" body and etched with delicate calligraphy.