Guo Wen Min

tea farmer

How long have you been growing tea and what got your started?
I have worked in tea area for 40 years. I started to work when I was 18. My parents and my grandparents are all working in the world. We all love tea.

Can you describe a typical day out in the field?
I get up at 6 and cook breakfast for my family. I go out to the tea mountain around 8:00am. I climb the mountains and pick up the tea leaves. Then I will send the leaves to the village factory in the afternoon. Normally I can finish my work around 4pm.

What is your favorite part of growing tea?
I love tea. My happy moment is when I deliver the tea leaves in the afternoon, the factory manager always gives me a cup of tea. I love to drink the tea made by my tea leaves. It is a special black tea made by Taiwan oolong. I love it.

Conversely, what is the hardest part of your job?
I have to climb the mountains to pluck the tea leaves. My knees are not very good these years. I don't know how long I can work. I don't want to leave my tea mountain and tea world.

Are there any tips you can give on how to best brew your tea? Any advice?
Please use gongfu tea set or yixing ceramic teapot to brew this beautiful tea. You will feel pleasant and relax especially when you are tired or after hard work. Hope you will like my tea.

photo of anxi ruan zhi black
Guo Wen Min's
anxi ruan zhi black
The cup changes as it cools and with each sip, more to savor.