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ke teapot

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ke teapot
certificate of authenticity
Certificate of Authenticity
Handmade in China, our Ke Teapot is in the fang zhu zhusha (squared bottom red clay) style. It features the unique balance of a hard geometric form adorned with naturalistic motifs. The smooth, simplistic round belly is striking against the incorporation of the bamboo handle and spout. With a max capacity of 200 ml it is ideal for gong fu brewing oolong teas, as the leaves have plenty of room to unfurl. Though it can be used for all types of tea.

Yixing clay is extremely porous and absorbent. Hand wash with warm water only and let air dry.

Made in China | 200 ml | 3.25" diameter | 2" tall

Customer Reviews (3)

Fresh From Origin

The tradition of authentic Yixing teapots dates back centuries, with its roots in the Ming Dynasty. The distinctive red clay is renowned for its ability to absorb the tea's essence and offer unparalleled experience and flavor. The unglazed clay will acquire a patina from the tea's oils resulting in a shiny coating over years of use. Which is why soap should never be applied to its surface. Simply rinse with water and allow to air dry after each use. Additionally, it is customary that only one type of tea (black, oolong or pu erh) is used in each teapot, so as not to corrupt the purity of its flavor.

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