Wen Shan, Taiwan

Wen Shan is a district within Taipei, Taiwan and is the most northern tea growing region on the island. The mountains of Wen Shan are particularly well suited for growing tea with altitudes around 800 meters. The region maintains four distinct seasons, high elevations, abundant rainfall and fertile soil.

Wen Shan has been growing tea for around 200 hundred years and is the birthplace of tea growing within Taiwan. The tea-growing areas of Wen Shan district include Shiding, Wulai, and Hshintien, but Pinglin town is considered the "tea capital" of Wenshan.

This region is most famous for producing some of the world's finest Pouchong, or Baozhong teas. This is a partially oxidized tea that has its origins in China's Anxi County.
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photo of formosa fancy bai hao
Yu Kui Weng's
formosa fancy bai hao
The cup is one of peach blossoms with a lingering honey note.