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yun wu

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May 2022 harvest
returning end of Jun
May 2021 harvest
returning end of Jun
Zhejiang, China
Zhao Bi Yun
yun wu
Cloud and Mist Tea, or Yun Wu in Mandarin, is harvested at high altitudes on Huaguo Mountain where the fog is thick, keeping the tea bushes hydrated and protected from the sun rays. Once processed, Yun Wu tends to have characteristically irregular twisted leaves, however, it has also been seen rolled up into small pellets or spiral shapes. Its unique growing conditions yield a layered cup with fruity notes and a very light smokiness.

About the leaves:

Grown at an elevation between 800 and 1200 meters above sea level, our Yun Wu is a Huang Shan big leaf cultivar and was hand-plucked in May from 20-year-old trees. Known locally as "rolling mao feng" it has a consistency of one bud with 1 or 2, 3 cm long leaves.

This tea contains a medium level of caffeine | Steep at 170° for 2-3 minutes.

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Fresh From Origin

Legend has it that Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, who was quite fond of peaches and wine, one day grew tired of his normal fare. He decided to travel toward the heavens to enjoy some tea typically reserved for the emperor and queen mother alone. As he flew, a tea tree that he did not recognize caught his eye. It was harvest season, but alas the Monkey King did now know how to harvest the tea.

At that moment a flock of birds flew by and asked the king what was the matter. The king told them that he thought Huahuo Mountain was lovely, but was saddened by the lack of tea trees. Upon hearing this the birds helped him to harvest the tea seeds. Each bird carried a portion towards Huaguo Mountain. As they journeyed above Mount Lu, they were awed by its beauty and began to sing. This distraction caused them to drop their precious cargo. Thus the tea tree took root and continued to grow on the misty mountain top.

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Questions and Answers

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How much tea to steep for 12 oz cup?
Asked by Mary Sexton
on May 18th, 2022

Zhao Bi Yun

tea farmer

How long have you been growing tea and what got your started?
I have worked with tea for 33 years. I love tea and tea farming was my dream when I was a little girl because my parents were tea farmers.

Can you describe a typical day out in the field?
I get up at 6 and go out after breakfast and a cup of tea. I will finish my work around 3pm in the afternoon. Then I will go back home to prepare dinner.

What is your favorite part of growing tea?
I love the firing of our yun wu because I love the pleasant smell during firing.

Conversely, what is the hardest part of your job?
I don't like the raining weather. Because too much moisture will ruin the tea. So during raining day I won't go out to pick up tea leaves.

Are there any tips you can give on how to best brew your tea?
Suggest to use spring water or mineral water to brew the tea. The temperature should be about 80 degrees.

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