first flush tea from
Anhui, China
Enjoy superior flavor, aroma and appearance.
The intention of Masters Teas is to share the finest, freshest specialty teas direct from the farms where they grow. We invite you to get to know the artisans who tender them and learn their stories. It is not necessary to be a tea connoisseur to enjoy these exceptional productions, as we intend to offer as much information as possible to help you on a journey of tea discovery. Masters Teas is proud to offer you our 2019 fresh-from-the-field teas the moment they arrive. Each offering is a limited edition, small lot production.
Recent Arrivals
The freshest teas you'll ever find.
bai hao yin zhen
Zhang Xiao Han's
bai hao yin zhen
Flavor notes of honeydew, fresh sweet cucumber and a slight hint of mineral.
gong ting puerh
Yang Qing's
gong ting puerh
Silky, smooth, mellow, sweet, hints of anise, mineral, and plum.
masters sampler anhui
masters sampler anhui
Four sample teas from Anhui, China.
masters sampler japan
masters sampler japan
Three sample teas from Japan.
masters sampler zhejiang
masters sampler zhejiang
Four sample teas from Zhejiang, China.
Know Your Farmers
We work closely with our providers to connect our customers with the rich stories behind the farmers who grow our most popular teas.
Liang Yu Ming
Anhui, China
Gu Zhi Xin
Sichuan, China
Bandana Pradhan
Darjeeling, India
Yu Kui Weng
Wen Shan, Taiwan
Liao Xiao Juan
Anhui, China
Yang Ai Fang
Fujian, China
Growing regions
Our premium teas come from four regions where they are hand-picked by farmers.