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china fujian 2021 sampler

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4 sample pouches
masters sampler
A province in the southeast of China, Fujian's mountains are famous for its production of some of the finest teas in the world and renowned for its development of new techniques and styles. You can now try a taste of what its diversity has to offer with our Fujian Sampler Set.

This sampler set combines the following four teas:

anxi wulong low fire - provides crisp floral notes and a lingering spring greenness.
yin hao long zhu - gentle jasmine essence and intricate layers of soft sweetness.
tie kuan yin black - hints towards dark chocolate and a whispery licorice finish.
tongmu jin jun mei - offers and layered blend of sweetness, spice, and cocoa.

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Fujian, China

The Fujian Province in China is one of the most important tea producing regions in the world. Its southeastern coastal location has a subtropical climate and mountainous terrain.

It is believe that tea has been growing in the Fujian area for over 1600 years. The origin place of many important production methods, Fujian is famous for oolong, wuyi yancha, lapsang souchong and fuzhou jasmine teas. In fact, the processing techniques for three major classes of tea (oolong, white and black) were all developed here.

Fujian is particularly important in the world of oolongs which come from two major regions, Anxi in the south and the Wuyi mountains in the north. Anxi is the origin of Tie Guan Yin, while Wuyi is responsible for Da Hong Pao and other styles. Wuyi is also famous for its Bohea black tea, and its involvement in the Boston Tea Party.
Fujian, China

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