lu an gua pian

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makes 5 cups
19¢ per infusion
Anhui, China
Yang Li Hua
Apr 2019
lu an gua pian
Our 2019 Lu An Gua Pian offering, otherwise known as Lu An Melon Seed, consists of very young, tender leaves. The twisted leaf style yields a pale yellow, complex and layered cup. You can pick up the super quiet nut notes, which are there if you listen closely.

About the leaves:

Grown at 800 meters above sea level the 5 cm long leaves are hand-plucked in early May from 5 year old trees. The single leaf is then hand-fired by charcoal fire without any buds or stalks.

This tea contains a high level of caffeine | Steep at 180° for 2-3 minutes.

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Fresh From Origin

Lu an Gua Pian was a type of “gong cha” or tribute tea to the imperial family during the Qing dynasty. It is also listed on almost all of the lists of famous Chinese teas. Its name, Lu An Melon Seed, is a topic of some debate. Derived from either the shape the leaves take once after processing, flat and oval, similar to the seed you would find inside of a melon, or from its distinct scent or roasted seeds.

Unlike other green teas Lu An Gua Pian is rather unconventional in that it is a baked green tea. It is also unique because while most green teas use tender buds, this one is comprised of the more mature second leaf on the branch, which is then de-veined before pan-frying and shaping.

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Yang Li Hua

tea farmer

How long have you been growing tea and what got your started?
I have worked with tea for 25 years. I work in tea just because I love tea.

Can you describe a typical day out in the field?
Every morning I will have my breakfast and a cup of tea, then I will go out working at 8am. I will take a rest at noon and finish my job at 3pm.

What is your favorite part of growing tea?
I like the firing step. We need to pick out all the buds and stalks first, then fire the tea by hand. I love the melon seeds smell.

Conversely, what is the hardest part of your job?
The hardest part is picking out the buds, stalks and all the impurity substance. It takes lots of time and attention to do this.

Are there any tips you can give on how to best brew your tea?
Use a glass cup to brew this wonderful tea. You can see the beautiful leaves dancing in the cup and you will love it.

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